Our Mission

The Mission of The Gooden Center is to provide effective care, ongoing support, and family inclusive opportunities that ensure lifelong health for its clients challenged by mental health illness and substance use disorders.

Our Vision

In our vision, every individual receives the help they need in order to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and a state of mental, physical and emotional health.

It is our vision that men and women, through their association with the Gooden Center, establish the tools, the relationships, and a personal philosophy that provide them the support and inspiration needed to achieve and maintain a lifetime of health.

Our Core Values

Values are deeply held beliefs that inspire and guide an organization.  They form the core of what the Board of Directors, staff and other stakeholders hold as guiding pricinciples in their own lives.  People are drawn to organization whose values they share:  people do not give to, join, or serve organizations whose values they do not share.

Clinical Excellence

Staff members continuously review their work to see that it meets the standard of quality and caring we are committed to. Our clients and alumni also provide valuable feedback that influences program design. We make every effort to incorporate best practices in addiction treatment. While chemical dependency treatment is not an exact science with proven protocols, a client’s total involvement in his own treatment does correlate with demonstrated success.

Client Centered Care

The Gooden Center is client centered. This means that the needs of our clients drive the organization’s focus. Clients collaborate with their counselors, family and peers in developing an individualized treatment plan. It becomes the blueprint for their success at The Gooden Center and, hopefully, beyond. No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals.


Clients are given up-to-date information on factors causing alcoholism and drug addiction. They are also informed of the impact on ones physiological, psychological and social well being. We incorporate adult learning practices in twenty-three different education and Recovery Lifestyle groups.

Social Support

The goal is to have the client reintegrate with society. The majority of clients have family members participating in the family education and counseling groups weekly. Clients are given assistance in finding employment, evaluating career choices or enrolling in school.

Spiritual Support

Addiction is manifested physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe that within each person there is a vision of wholeness, even joy. This is what drugs and alcohol falsely promise to deliver. Most of our clients glimpse this vision. They touch within themselves a natural state of well-being. They find the courage to be themselves.

Community Support

The Gooden Center staff and board members often speak at churches and other community gatherings to help people understand the disease of addiction and the process of recovery. TGC is a founding board member of the Continuing Education Consortium (CEC). CEC members sponsor continuing education seminars at low cost so counselors and therapists can easily participate.


Our licensure and accreditation helps our stakeholders know that hundreds of standards for quality are being met. We make sure our stakeholders know of our program’s effectiveness. Our stakeholders are clients and their families, alumni, board of directors, staff, donors, the community, and referring professionals.

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