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4 Reasons Affordable Addiction Treatment Is A Viable Option

In recent decades, there has been a steady increase in the number of rehab centers that treat drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, and even dual diagnosis. These rehab centers started out by offering treatment to only the people who could afford them. This meant that mostly the wealthy or famous could benefit from their effective treatment.

Now there are even more options for rehab, including affordable addiction treatment. Because addiction is a disease that can affect anyone from any kind of background, it’s important to have these affordable options as well.

Whether you’re using health insurance coverage or paying out of pocket, it’s important to know that an affordable rehab plan doesn’t have to skimp on the quality of treatment. Here are four reasons why affordable treatment is an option:

1. An Individualized Approach

An affordable rehab plan may not offer some of the same things a luxury center does, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting effective treatment. Skipping the yoga, massage services, and neurofeedback more expensive rehabs will offer won’t do you any harm. There’s really no proof that these services increase the success rate of recovery.

An affordable rehab will still give you individualized treatment that is a huge part of a successful recovery. You work with a case manager, therapist, and other personnel to develop a plan that works for you. Feeling like you’re a big part of your own treatment is what’s really been proven to help conquer addiction.

2. A Network Of Support

When you enter a rehab facility, you get the opportunity to become part of a larger community dedicated to recovery and support. Beginning with group therapy and other activities, you make connections with others who are going through a similar experience. The opportunity to provide support to others, as well as receive it, is an important part of your recovery.

Knowing that you have a network of support will help you get through the toughest of times. After leaving rehab, the opportunity to connect with others continues with meeting, volunteer events, and other social gatherings.

3. Continued Treatment

After completing a stay in rehab, you have many choices available for continued treatment that lets you fulfill life and career obligations simultaneously. Intensive outpatient or day treatment are options that let you continue to focus on recovery at your own pace while returning to life obligations. Research has shown that extending the length of treatment is a big factor in reaching a full recovery and decreasing the chances of a relapse.

4. Compatibility With Your Faith

Whether you come from a Christian, Jewish or other religious background, you’ll find that a 12 step program complements your spiritual background. The tradition of surrendering to a higher power, dedication to self examination and meditation, and serving others are all part of an addiction treatment. As a person of faith, you may having an especially hard time understanding your addiction and forgiving yourself for the things you’ve done.

During treatment, you have the opportunity to renew your spirituality through various activities and get back in touch with a higher power. All addiction treatment plans have this in common, whether they take place at a luxury center in Malibu or an affordable rehab in the city.

To find out more about addiction treatment and the options for affordable treatment near Los Angeles, get in touch with Gooden Center.