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4 Common Myths about Depression

4 Common Myths about Depression


Even though depression may be one of the most common mental health problems in the U.S. it is a topic that is rarely discussed. People have many misconceptions about depression because of the stigma behind the disease and a lack of understanding about what causes it. These are some of the prevailing myths about depression.


  1. Depression is all in your head

People mistakenly believe that depression is something that a person can just snap out of or shut off. While depression can partially be related to negative thoughts, it is a chronic disorder that requires treatment to manage. It is not only a psychological disorder but it also has social and biological elements as well with physical issues that need to be addressed.


  1. Depression is a normal part of life that will pass on it’s own

Unfortunately, many people with depression themselves believe this myth which can stop them from getting the help they need. It can be normal to feel sad from time to time but depression is a more serious issue that is too difficult to resolve alone. You don’t have to live with depression and wait for it to end, you can get help to recover.


  1. Depression always requires medication

Although many people have benefitted from the use of medication to treat their depression, it is only one option for treatment. Some may prefer not to use any substances to handle their symptoms and would prefer to focus on other methods including cognitive behavioral therapy. Taking medication depends on the severity of the condition as well as the individual’s personal choices.


  1. Depression is a weakness

Many people deal with the stigma that having depression means that you are weak and can’t handle life. The reality is that depression is a psychological condition that is not a choice and has nothing to do with how strong someone is. Getting treatment take strength and courage for people dealing with difficult feelings.



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Written by
Brandon Brewer
COO of Gooden Center and treatment industry expert 4 Common Myths about Depression