Gooden Center
A residential drug treatment center for men located in Pasadena, CA. The Gooden Center is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

(626) 356-0078
191 North El Molino Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101 US

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Drug Rehab Centers: Where To Go For Drug Treatment Facilities Help

Drug Rehab Centers: They Aren’t All The Same

While you’ll find similarities when it comes to drug rehab centers you will also find differences. The best way to find the best program for you or for the addict in your life is to read as much as you can about the rehab. Read about their success rate, their relapse prevention program, their philosophy when it comes to drugs and alcohol and see which program you spark to or you think the addict in your life will spark too.

If you don’t agree with a rehab’s philosophy and approach to addiction chances are you, as the addict, will not take the program seriously. It’s important to go into the rehab with an open mind regardless of where you go and know that you are going to have your own ideas about alcoholism and drug abuse and that those will probably change over time in rehab. Perspective makes a big difference and wanting to learn and wanting to get sober makes a big difference to on how you approach and respond to rehab.

Drug Treatment Facilities Verses Outpatient Rehab

A drug treatment facilities staff does its best to give you as much help as it possibly can while you are in rehab. It also works to prepare you post rehab so that you have the tools lined up and in place that you will need to get well and stay sober once you exit. For some people rehab is the hardest part of recovery and for others its going back to the real world and figure out how it all fits. Some people like to sign up for outpatient drug rehab post residential treatment that way they have that safety next for the first three to six months post rehab. Others will go to meetings and have a sober support system in place.