Affordable Drug Rehab Centers

Unfortunately, often times the deciding factor if a person with a life threatening addiction seeks treatment at drug rehab centers is the drug rehab cost. Many people may not check themselves or help a loved one recover because they automatically assume they could never afford the cost drug rehab brings about. The Gooden Center provides affordable drug and alcohol treatment. They also sometimes have scholarships or grants that can cover the cost of the entire treatment.

The Gooden Center staff assists the client and their family in planning their payments and other financial arrangements. The Gooden Center is also contracted with many health insurance companies that with approval can greatly help with costs and benefits of treatment options. Because The Gooden Center provides affordable treatment, many clients are considered self-pay clients and make their first payment before their first 30 days of treatment.

Before an intervention is staged a family usually has already planned out the place of treatment and signed the financial agreement and paid the first payment. This pre-paid method allows for The Gooden Center to provide their affordable rates making it easier for a lot of people to begin treatment there. Fundraising and donations also help keep costs of drug rehab affordable to the many people who need treatment and may not be able to afford the care anywhere else. Each level of care from residential treatment to day treatment differs in cost and may also help in determining which treatment is right for them or loved one.